Original Titel: SOAP
Übersetzter Titel: Soap - oder "Trautes Heim"
Jahr: 1977
Darsteller: Rod Roddy ... Announcer (84 episodes, 1977-1981)
Katherine Helmond ... Jessica Tate (82 episodes, 1977-1981)
Richard Mulligan ... Burt Campbell (82 episodes, 1977-1981)
Cathryn Damon ... Mary Campbell (80 episodes, 1977-1981)
Ted Wass ... Danny Dallas (74 episodes, 1977-1981)
Billy Crystal ... Jodie Dallas (73 episodes, 1977-1981)
Robert Mandan ... Chester Tate (72 episodes, 1977-1981)
Jennifer Salt ... Eunice Tate / ... (63 episodes, 1977-1981)
Jimmy Baio ... Billy Tate (60 episodes, 1977-1981)
Diana Canova ... Corinne Tate-Flotsky / ... (59 episodes, 1977-1980)
Arthur Peterson ... The Major (56 episodes, 1977-1981)
Jay Johnson ... Bob Campbell / ... (55 episodes, 1977-1981)
Robert Guillaume ... Benson DuBois (49 episodes, 1977-1980)
Donnelly Rhodes ... Dutch Leitner (35 episodes, 1978-1981)
Sal Viscuso ... Father Timothy Flotsky / ... (23 episodes, 1977-1979)
Rebecca Balding ... Carol David (18 episodes, 1978-1981)
Marla Pennington ... Leslie Walker (17 episodes, 1979-1981)
John Byner ... Detective Donahue / ... (17 episodes, 1978-1980)
Dinah Manoff ... Elaine Lefkowitz-Dallas / ... (16 episodes, 1978)
Eugene Roche ... E. Ronald Mallu / ... (14 episodes, 1978-1981)
Roscoe Lee Browne ... Saunders (14 episodes, 1980-1981)
Gordon Jump ... Chief of Police Tinkler (12 episodes, 1977-1978)
Gregory Sierra ... Carlos 'El Puerco' Valdez / ... (11 episodes, 1980-1981)
Nancy Dolman ... Annie Selig (10 episodes, 1980-1981)
Barbara Rhoades ... Maggie Chandler (10 episodes, 1980-1981)
Bob Seagren ... Dennis Phillips (10 episodes, 1977-1978)
Randee Heller ... Alice (9 episodes, 1979)
Caroline McWilliams ... Sally (9 episodes, 1978-1979)
Inga Swenson ... Ingrid Swenson / ... (8 episodes, 1978-1979)
Jesse Welles ... Gwen (8 episodes, 1980-1981)
Allan Miller ... Dr. Alan Posner (8 episodes, 1980-1981)
Robert Urich ... Peter 'The Tennis Player' (7 episodes, 1977)
Howard Hesseman ... Mr. Franklin (7 episodes, 1978)
Charles Lane ... Judge Petrillo / ... (7 episodes, 1978)
Lynne Moody ... Polly Dawson (7 episodes, 1979-1981)
Joe Mantegna ... Juan One (7 episodes, 1980-1981)
Kathryn Reynolds ... Claire (5 episodes, 1977-1978)
Edward Winter ... Congressman Walter McCallam (5 episodes, 1977-1978)
Jack Gilford ... Saul (5 episodes, 1979)
Candice Azzara ... Millie (5 episodes, 1979)
Granville Van Dusen ... Dr. Hill (5 episodes, 1980)
Sheldon Feldner ... Perkins / ... (5 episodes, 1980-1981)
Frank Coppola ... Mel (5 episodes, 1978-1979)
Richard Libertini ... The Godfather (4 episodes, 1977-1978)
Harold Gould ... Barney Gerber (4 episodes, 1977)
Richard McKenzie ... The Doctor / ... (4 episodes, 1979-1981)
Sorrell Booke ... Charles Lefkowitz / ... (4 episodes, 1978)
Peggy Pope ... Mrs. David (4 episodes, 1979-1981)
Debbie Combs ... Nurse (4 episodes, 1980-1981)
Rae Allen ... Judge Betty Small (4 episodes, 1980)
Michael Durrell ... F. Peter Haversham / ... (4 episodes, 1980)
Doris Roberts ... Flo Flotsky (4 episodes, 1978)
Tim McIntire ... The Devil's Voice (4 episodes, 1979)
Byron Webster ... Dr. Medlow (3 episodes, 1977-1978)
Nita Talbot ... Mrs. Fine / ... (3 episodes, 1977-1978)
Judith-Marie Bergan ... Marilyn McCallam (3 episodes, 1977-1978)
Royce Wallace ... Rose Coleman (3 episodes, 1980)
Ian Wolfe ... Father Juniper / ... (3 episodes, 1977-1978)
Brian Kale ... Emergency Doctor / ... (3 episodes, 1980-1981)
Colleen Riley ... Gloria (3 episodes, 1980)
Fred Iwasaki ... The Chef / ... (3 episodes, 1978-1981)
Greg Antonacci ... Dave (3 episodes, 1978)
Ron Rifkin ... Dr. Kanter (3 episodes, 1978)
Jenna Kay Starr ... Wendy (3 episodes, 1979-1981)
Ruth Cox ... Lisa (3 episodes, 1979)
Michael Currie ... Governor (3 episodes, 1981)
Ralph Manza ... Digger (3 episodes, 1981)
George Wyner ... Dr. Rudolph (3 episodes, 1981)
Udana Power ... Nurse Nancy Darwin (2 episodes, 1977)
Robert Englund ... Simon (2 episodes, 1979)
Milt Oberman ... Harold Bronfman / ... (2 episodes, 1978)
Susan Harris ... Babette (2 episodes, 1978)
Marvin Braverman ... The Messenger (2 episodes, 1978)
Sarina C. Grant ... Nurse (2 episodes, 1980)
Earl Boen ... Dr. Drell (2 episodes, 1981)
Kene Holliday ... Eddie Coleman (2 episodes, 1980)
Hamilton Camp ... Elmore Tibbs (2 episodes, 1980-1981)
Laurie Faso ... Juan Two (2 episodes, 1981)
Scott Mulhern ... Roger / ... (2 episodes, 1979)
Chico Martínez ... Juan Three (2 episodes, 1981)
Luis Avalos ... General Sandia / ... (2 episodes, 1978-1981)
Jo De Winter ... The Doctor (2 episodes, 1978-1979)
Lee Bergere ... Anatole Martins (2 episodes, 1978)
René Le Vant ... Guard (2 episodes, 1978)
Nancy Bond ... Nurse (2 episodes, 1981)
Thomas Callaway ... Phillip (2 episodes, 1981)
Howard George ... Reporter #2 (2 episodes, 1981) 

Inhaltsangabe: Season 1, Ep 1: Episode 1
This begins the story of two sisters, Jessica Tate and Mary Campbell. As the Tates and their butler, Benson, prepare for a dinner party with the Campbells, Jessica walks in on her husband, Chester, while he makes plans for a romantic rendezvous with another woman. Jessica's son, Billy has a pimple on the night of his first date, and his uptight sister, Eunice, while ignoring the insane antics of their veteran grandfather, The Major. Jessica goes for a tennis lesson with Peter, the Tennis Pro, and winds up in bed with him. She leaves Peter just as his next "appointment"--with Jessica's other daughter, Corinne--arrives. Meanwhile, at the Campbells', Mary breaks up a food fight between her mobster son, Danny, and her second husband, Burt. Tensions flare again when Mary's other son, Jodie, a homosexual, joins them at breakfast. Alone at last, Mary confronts Burt about his recent impotence, which, we learn, stems from guilt he feels after having killed Mary's first husband (officially ruled a "suicide").
Aired: 9/13/1977

Season 1, Ep 2: Episode 2
Jodie tells Mary that he's planning to do a sex change. Burt finds his long-lost son.Mary finds out that Jessica is having an affair, but not with whom. The Godfather Tells Danny that he will let him leave the mob if Danny executes his father's killer. Burt's long-lost son turns out to be Peter, the tennis pro.
Aired: 9/20/1977

Season 1, Ep 3: Episode 3
Mary is unable to convince Jessica that Chester has been unfaithful. Jessica tries to confess to Chester about her affair with Peter. Danny makes peace with Burt, only to learn that he has to kill Burt in order to escape the mob. Mary confronts Burt about their sexual problems.
Aired: 9/27/1977

Season 1, Ep 4: Episode 4
Jessica and Corrine run into one another at Peter's apartment. Jodie tells Dennis of his plans for a sex change. Billy has girl trouble. Chester is caught cheating on his mistress. Jessica tries to say goodbye to Peter, only to end up in bed with him again. Jodie learns that his boyfriend, Dennis the quarterback, has been dating a woman to protect his media image. Jodie tells Dennis that he plans to solve the problem by becoming a woman. Danny gets nowhere in his attempts to kill Burt but he is more clumsy than lethal.
Aired: 10/4/1977

Season 1, Ep 5: Episode 5
Eunice and Jodie discuss their man troubles. Burt and Mary visit a sex therapist. Corrine gives Tim one last chance before moving in with Peter, then catches Jessica kissing Peter.Danny continues trying to kill Burt. Chester fakes being sick so he can sneak out to see Claire. Jodie and Dennis run into Eunice and Congressman McCallum at a restaurant.
Aired: 10/4/1977

Season 1, Ep 6: Episode 6
Corrine moves in with Peter, leaving Chester angry and Jessica heartbroken. Burt receives word that Chuck and Bob are on their way from Hawaii. The Godfather gives Danny one last chance to kill Burt, this time at a cabin in the woods. Corinne tells Eunice about Jessica and Peter. Jessica tries to apologize to Corinne. Having failed to tempt him away from his vow of chastity, Corinne tells Father Tim that she is going to move in with Peter.
Aired: 10/25/1977

Season 1, Ep 7: Episode 7
The Major terrorizes the neighbors as he makes a "Nazi" prisoner out of one neighbor. Chuck and Bob arrive and promptly offend the Campbells. Claire tells Jessica of her affair with Chester, but Jessica doesn't believe her. Danny invites Burt to the cabin in the woods and when the are alone Danny points a gun at Burt's head.
Aired: 11/1/1977

Season 1, Ep 8: Episode 8
Unable to kill Burt as ordered, Danny goes on the run as a "spy" but not before finally accepting Jodie's homosexuality and bidding a tearful goodbye to Mary. Mary has trouble accommodating Chuck and Bob at breakfast. At a dinner party for Chuck and Bob, Danny shows up in disguise, but the mob takes a shot at him anyway.
Aired: 11/8/1977

Season 1, Ep 9: Episode 9
Jodie checks into the hospital for his sex-change operation, where he meets Barney Gerber, a heart patient in the next bed. Nurse Nancy offers to cure Jodie of his desire to be a woman. Dr. Medlow helps Burt overcome his guilt and his impotence. At lunch with Mary, Jessica spots Chester kissing Claire.
Aired: 11/15/1977

Season 1, Ep 10: Episode 10
Danny, dressed as a rabbi, has a near run-in with the Godfather. Father Tim appeals to God for help. Dennis dumps Jodie, who tries to kill himself. Barney tries to cheer Jodie up with his views on the unpredictability of happiness. Jessica concludes that there's a curse on the family. Now that Burt is no longer impotent, Mary is too overwhelmed by the family's other problems to get "in the mood". Father Tim asks God what he should do about Corinne.
Aired: 11/22/1977

Season 1, Ep 11: Episode 11
Burt and Mary are both nervous about their first sexual encounter in six months.Their night is interrupted by news that Jodie has attempted suicide. Jodie promises that he won't try it again, and abandons the sex change operation. Corrine warns Peter. Jessica confronts Chester on his infidelity. Corinne tells Peter that she'll kill him if she ever catches him cheating. Jessica confronts Chester about his affair with Claire. When Chester won't take her seriously, Jessica admits to having had an affair of her own.
Aired: 11/29/1977

Season 1, Ep 12: Episode 12
Jessica stayed out all night and returns home in the morning, she also warns Chester that she won't tolerate any further infidelity. Jodie checks out of the hospital. but before he can "run away", Nurse Nancy forces Jodie into going on a date. Jessica threatens to kill Peter after he found out he cheated on Corinne. Corrine checks into the Pussy Cat Motel and has Father Tim meet her there. Someone murders Peter.
Aired: 12/6/1977

Season 1, Ep 13: Episode 13
Burt and Mary finally get their sex life going again. Burt finds Peter dead in the shower. "Piece of Chelief" Tinkler questions the Tates and Campbells, all of whom are suspects in Peter's grisly murder. Jodie reveals that he didn't go out with Nurse Nancy after all.
Aired: 12/13/1977

Season 1, Ep 14: Episode 14
Chester and Jessica discuss her affair with Peter. The Tates and Campbells wonder who among them is a murderer. Eunice and Congressman McCallum meet up in an airplane lavatory and she tells him that he is her alibi for the night of the murder. McCallum's alcoholic wife Marilyn almost catches him in the bathroom with Eunice. Chief Tinkler arrests Corrine.
Aired: 12/27/1977

Season 1, Ep 15: Episode 15
Corrine goes to jail for killing Peter. Billy is the last to know about Corinne's arrest. Burt launches his own investigation. Danny decides to surprise the Godfather but must get past his sex-starved daughter, Elaine, first. Ingrid Svenson arrives in Dunn's River, claiming to be Corrine's real mother. Mary gives Jodie advice about rebuilding his life.
Aired: 1/3/1978

Season 1, Ep 16: Episode 16
Corrine learns the truth about her mother and she is devastated. Ingrid hires an investigator to clear Corrine. Mary explains about Randolph and Ingrid. Burt becomes obsessed with finding Peter's killer. Jessica blames herself for all the family's problems. Jessica is arrested. Danny is no longer in disguise.
Aired: 1/10/1978

Season 1, Ep 17: Episode 17
Jessica is booked into jail and Ingrid gloats at the fact. The Campbells are worried about Burt's obsessive behavior. Elaine introduces Danny to her father. A blackmailer threatens to publish photos of Walter and Eunice. Chester hires al awyer to defend Jessica. Jessica admits that the gun that killed Peter does belong to her.
Aired: 1/17/1978

Season 1, Ep 18: Episode 18
Father Tim tells Corinne that he's going on a religious retreat so he can forget about her. Burt tells Mary he can make himself invisible. Chester hires high-priced attorney E. Ronald Mallu to defend Jessica. Jessica decides to skip bail and head to Rio but Benson talks her out of it. Mary confronts Burt about his emotional problems. Burt tells Mary that he can make himself invisible.
Aired: 1/24/1978

Season 1, Ep 19: Episode 19
Mr. Mallu interviews the family in a desperate search for character witnesses in Jessica's trial. Dr. Medlow recommends that Burt be committed to a mental hospital. Ingrid poisons Corinne's mind against Jessica. Jessica makes an impassioned plea to Corinne. Congressman McCallum receives compromising pictures from the blackmailer. Eunice climbs out on a ledge to avoid being caught by Marilyn. A courier comes to pick up McCallum's speech and walks off with the pictures instead.
Aired: 2/7/1978

Season 1, Ep 20: Episode 20
Danny learns he must marry Elaine. Mary tells Burt of her plans to commit him. Jodie confronts Chuck about the nasty notes he's been getting from Bob.Jessica's case looks even more hopeless after she meets the prosecutor and judge. Eunice climbs off the ledge and into a stranger's hotel room. McCallum promises Eunice a new life, but backs out when the courier returns the pictures. Danny tries to break off with Elaine. Mr. Lefkowitz tells Danny that he has to marry Elaine.
Aired: 2/14/1978

Season 1, Ep 21: Episode 21
Danny brings Elaine home to meet the Campbell family. Corinne tracks down Tim at his mountain retreat. Jodie meets and is immediately propositioned by Carol (Mallu's assistant). Jessica locks herself in the bathroom to avoid going to trial. Jessica's murder trial begins.
Aired: 2/21/1978

Season 1, Ep 22: Episode 22
Carol talks Jodie into going away with her for the weekend, despite his insistence that they can only be friends. Mary commits Burt to the mental hospital. Danny tells Mary he must marry Elaine. Billy runs away from home. Burt checks into the mental hospital. Billy runs away. Danny explains to Mary why he has to marry Elaine. Benson, Chester and Jessica testify at the trial. The prosecutor boasts that his surprise witness will make the jury want to lynch Jessica.
Aired: 2/28/1978

Season 1, Ep 23: Episode 23
Walter dumps Eunice. Burt tells Mary he killed her first husband. Corinne walks out on Ingrid. Father Tim tells his mother he's leaving the priesthood. Jodie and Carol plan a weekend at the Cape. The prosecution drops a bombshell at Jessica's murder trial. Congressman McCallum dumps Eunice after Marilyn threatens to ruin his political career. Unable to save his sanity any other way, Burt confesses to Mary that he killed her first husband.
Aired: 3/14/1978

Season 1, Ep 24: Episode 24
Jodie finds himself in bed with Carol. Mary forgives Burt. Corinne returns to the Tates. Ingrid vows to destroy the Tates. Sheriff Tinkler arrives to arrest Chester for stock fraud. The jury begins deliberating Jessica's fate. Jodie tells Carol that he won't have sex with her again. Corinne realizes that Jessica is her true mother. Ingrid comes to reconcile with Corinne, but Corinne refuses to go with her.
Aired: 3/21/1978

Season 1, Ep 25: Episode 25
Lefkowitz threatens to kill the Campbells if Danny runs away. Father Tim tells Corinne that he is leaving the priesthood so they can get married. Carol convinces Jodie that they should live together. Dennis resurfaces, announcing that he wants Jodie back. Jessica admits to Chester that she's scared about what the jury might decide. Mallu tells Jessica that he is in love with her.
Aired: 3/28/1978

Season 2, Ep 1: Episode 26
After the trial, the Tates and Campbells go to the Tate's house. The Tates and Campbells brood about which of them really killed Peter Chester remembers that he killed Peter after a pot falls onto his head. Danny and Burt help Jodie move in with Carol. Mary suspects Burt of cheating on her and Jessica is freed from jail after Chester confesses to killing Peter.
Aired: 9/14/1978

Season 2, Ep 2: Episode 27
Chester explains to Jessica that he had repressed all memory of the murder, but it came back to him when he got bumped on the head. Chester gets put in the same cell with Dutch, another convicted murderer. Chester escapes from prison with Dutch. Danny and Elaine marry and learn that Elaine's father has cut her off. One by one, the Tates disappear in the basement. Jodie learns that Carol is pregnant with his child. Burt convinces Mary that he is not having an affair.
Aired: 9/21/1978

Season 2, Ep 3: Episode 28
Dutch holds the Tates hostage in their own home. The Campbells adjust to life with Elaine. Dutch and Eunice sleep together. Carol tells Jodie that she's pregnant. Mrs. Flotsky causes a scene at Tim and Corinne's wedding.Chester and Dutch overpower their guard. Burt asks Danny to be his partner in the construction business.
Aired: 9/28/1978

Season 2, Ep 4: Episode 29
The Campbells have trouble tolerating Elaine.Chuck makes an unsuccessful attempt to go on a date without Bob. Jodie tells Burt and Mary that Carol is pregnant.Corinne is frustrated by Tim's nervousness and endless interruptions on her wedding night. Mary tells Burt she wants to go to school. Chester collapses.
Aired: 10/5/1978

Season 2, Ep 5: Episode 30
Jessica gives Corinne advice about marriage. Danny decides to kill Elaine with Kindness. Jodie proposes to Carol and swears off men. Mrs. Flotsky summons Tim and Corrine to her deathbed. Sally comes on to Danny, then Burt. Jessica authorizes Chester's Brain surgery.
Aired: 10/12/1978

Season 2, Ep 6: Episode 31
Tim and Corinne move in with the Tates. Dennis threatens to ruin Jodie's marriage plans with Carol. Mary's professor makes a pass at her. Elaine begins to warm to the Campbells. Chester comes out of his brain surgery very confused.
Aired: 10/19/1978

Season 2, Ep 7: Episode 32
Carol's father objects to Carol and Jodie's marriage. Elaine opens up to Danny. Jessica, Mary, Corinne, and Eunice commiserate. Sally tells Burt she's in love with him. Danny and Elaine see each other in a new light. Chester survives the brain surgery, but loses his memory.
Aired: 11/2/1978

Season 2, Ep 8: Episode 33
Home from the hospital, Chester drives the Tates crazy. Jodie and Dennis part on bad terms. Eunice and Dutch make plans to rendezvous in the country. Corinne learns she is pregnant. Believing that Mary is cheating on him, Burt gets drunk and spends the night in Sally's apartment.
Aired: 11/9/1978

Season 2, Ep 9: Episode 34
Chester comes home; Jodie slugs Dennis; Corinne tells Jessica that she's pregnant. Dutch comes and says good-bye. Jodie slugs Dennis.
Aired: 11/23/1978

Season 2, Ep 10: Episode 35
Eunice and Dutch leave for his family's farm. Chester fears he is a burden on the family, then disappears. Jodie and Jessica offer emotional support to Mary.Burt tries to break off with Sally. It is revealed that Sally's interest in Burt is merely part of a malicious plot against him. Elaine is kidnapped.
Aired: 11/30/1978

Season 2, Ep 11: Episode 36
The Campbells scramble to raise Elaine's ransom. Jessica hires Detective Donohue to find Chester. Corinne learns that her pregnancy is much further along than she can explain. Carol has pre-wedding jitters. Dennis makes a last-ditch effort to win back Jodie. Burt and Danny negotiate with the kidnappers.
Aired: 12/7/1978

Season 2, Ep 12: Episode 37
The kidnappers let Danny talk to Elaine. Eunice and Dutch find their hideout cabin a bit too rustic. Detective Donohue declares his love for Jessica. Burt and Mary are emotional wrecks on Jodie's wedding day. Danny and Jodie reminisce about their childhood. Carol fails to show up for the ceremony.
Aired: 12/14/1978

Season 2, Ep 13: Episode 38
Elaine gets shot while escaping from the kidnappers, she makes it home in time to die in Danny's arms. Mary tells Burt that her professor attacked her and Burt tells Mary that he slept with some old fat woman. Corinne tells Tim about her unexplainable five-month pregnancy. Jessica tells Detective Donohue that she loves him, too.
Aired: 12/21/1978

Season 2, Ep 14: Episode 39
Sally reacts badly when Burt asks her to find another job. The Tates visit Dutch and Eunice at the hideaway cabin, with the police not far behind. Danny sets out to find Elaine's killers with Burt in tow. Detective Donohue presents Jessica with evidence of Chester's death. But Chester is very much alive, if a little confused, in Toledo.
Aired: 1/4/1979

Season 2, Ep 15: Episode 40
Jessica hosts a memorial service for Chester. Sally tells Mary that Burt is having an affair with both her and an eighteen-year-old girl. Jodie tracks down Carol in Texas. Carol tells Jodie that she doesn't want him to be the father of her baby. Chester remembers that his name is Lester Pate - or something like that.
Aired: 1/11/1979

Season 2, Ep 16: Episode 41
Burt, Danny, Jodie, Chuck, and Bob drown their sorrows during a night on the town. Tim announces that he's going to become a hermit. The police catch up with Dutch. Jodie meets Alice, a suicidal lesbian, on the Tri-borough Bridge. Mary moves in with Jessica. Corinne goes into labor.
Aired: 1/18/1979

Season 2, Ep 17: Episode 42
Corinne gives birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy. Mary angrily confronts Burt with his alleged infidelities. Burt vows to prove himself innocent of Sally's accusations .Jodie and Alice get off to a rocky start as roommates. Jessica enjoys an evening of dinner and romance at Detective Donohue's apartment. Meanwhile, Chester regains his memory and heads for Dunn's River.
Aired: 2/1/1979

Season 2, Ep 18: Episode 43
Corinne's new baby keeps everybody awake. Jessica tells Mary about her date with Donohue. Burt learns that Inga Swenson is behind Sally's treachery. Danny meets Alice, his first lesbian. Jessica decides to have an affair with Detective Donohue, who proposes to her. Then, Chester returns home.
Aired: 2/8/1979

Season 2, Ep 19: Episode 44
Jessica and Donohue agonize about the future of their relationship. Jessica tells Chester about her affair with Donohue. Billy runs into a former classmate who has joined a religious cult. Eunice visits Dutch in prison. Danny and Jodie engineer a reconciliation between Burt and Mary. Sally confesses to Mary that she lied about Burt's affairs. Something strange is going on in the Tate nursery.
Aired: 2/15/1979

Season 2, Ep 20: Episode 45
Chester reacclimates himself to life in the Tate household.Jessica tells Chester and Donohue that she's torn between them. Jodie brings Alice home to meet the Campbells. Corinne tracks down Tim in his cave to tell him his son is possessed by the devil. Danny gets a lead on Elaine's killers. Burt tags along with Danny and spots a UFO.
Aired: 3/1/1979

Season 2, Ep 21: Episode 46
No one believes Burt saw a UFO. Benson visits Billy at the Sunnies'. Jessica apologizes to Donohue for taking so long to decide between him and Chester. Jodie and Alice go on a "date." Tim returns home to take on the Devil.
Aired: 3/8/1979

Season 2, Ep 22: Episode 47
Jessica leads the family in the exorcism on Corrine's baby. Corinne believes that the baby is possessed because of her promiscuous past. Jessica calls Chester and Donohue together to deliver her decision.Jodie and Alice grow closer. Danny finds himself in danger. Billy is taken hostage by the Sunnies. Burt is abducted by aliens.
Aired: 3/15/1979

Season 3, Ep 1: Episode 48
Jessica chooses Chester, but offers to let Donohue stay in the Tate house until he recovers from the shock. The aliens tell Burt that they plan to replace him with a replica. Carol's mother introduces Jodie to his newborn daughter, Wendy. Benson, Chester, Donohue and the Major prepare to rescue Billy from the cult. Burt's alien double moves in with the unsuspecting Mary.
Aired: 9/13/1979

Season 3, Ep 2: Episode 49
Alien Burt has his way with Mary, and she's not complaining. Real Burt meets Saul, who tells Burt he cannot escape the spaceship. Billy resists the Sunnies' brainwashing. Mrs. David asks Jodie to choose between Wendy and Alice. Benson and "the Step Brothers" penetrate the Sunnies' compound but are stopped short of rescuing Billy.
Aired: 9/20/1979

Season 3, Ep 3: Episode 50
Billy rescues the rescue team. The Tates celebrate Billy's return home. Mary is oversexed. Saul offers to help Burt escape from the aliens. Danny is saved by Millie. Jodie is torn between Alice and Wendy. Jessica is sad to bid Benson farewell.
Aired: 9/27/1979

Season 3, Ep 4: Episode 51
Burt and Saul beam themselves into and out of nasty situations. Jessica finally convinces Detective Donohue to leave. Millie comes to Danny's rescue. Eunice awaits Dutch's release from prison while Corinne bemoans her non-existent sex life with Tim. Chester resumes his philandering ways. Billy and his teacher share a kiss.
Aired: 10/4/1979

Season 3, Ep 5: Episode 52
Dutch gets out of jail and moves in with the Tates. Danny brings Millie home to meet the Campbells. Mrs. David leaves Wendy in Jodie's care. Saul decides to stay with the aliens, but sends Burt home. Real Burt and Alien Burt have a traumatic first encounter. Billy and Leslie decide to pursue a relationship.
Aired: 10/11/1979

Season 3, Ep 6: Episode 53
Real Burt calls Mary, but Alien Burt intercepts Mary on her way to meet him. Jessica confronts Chester with her suspicions that he is cheating again. Eunice tells Corinne that she's fallen out of love with Dutch. Corinne spots Chester with another woman in a restaurant. Billy and Leslie sneak away to a romantic restaurant, only to run into several familiar faces. Tim and Corinne decide to divorce.
Aired: 11/1/1979

Season 3, Ep 7: Episode 54
The Tates and Campbells gather to welcome Dutch to the family--and scare Millie away in the process. Billy and Leslie's romantic evening is interrupted by her ex. Jodie and Corinne discuss single parenthood. Alien Burt refuses to return to the spaceship. Real Burt finally contacts Mary, then disappears before her eyes. Back on the spaceship, Real Burt convinces the aliens to give him a chance to persuade Alien Burt to leave Earth for good.
Aired: 11/8/1979

Season 3, Ep 8: Episode 55
Mary begins to question her sanity. Eunice and Corinne call Chester on his cheating. Real Burt turns to Jodie for help. Billy plans a rendezvous with Leslie at a hotel but runs into Eunice, then Corinne, then Dutch, then Chester in the lobby. Real Burt makes an impassioned plea to Alien Burt.
Aired: 11/22/1979

Season 3, Ep 9: Episode 56
Billy tells Jessica about his affair with Leslie. Burt returns home to share his ordeal with Mary. Danny meets a black widow at the cemetery. Dutch makes it clear he knows Eunice is cheating on him. Jessica spots Chester with another woman.
Aired: 12/6/1979

Season 3, Ep 10: Episode 57
Jessica catches Chester with another woman. Burt and Mary go for their annual physicals. Danny tries to find Polly. Jessica meets Leslie. An agent from Child Protective Services pays a visit to Jodie.
Aired: 12/13/1979

Season 3, Ep 11: Episode 58
Jessica agrees to see a marriage counselor with Chester. The Campbells urge Jodie to move back home. Burt is jealous of Alien Burt's sexual prowess. At Billy's 18th-birthday party, Leslie promises "to blow out every candle on [Billy's] cake."
Aired: 12/27/1979

Season 3, Ep 12: Episode 59
Jodie and Wendy move in with the Campbells. Chester and Jessica see a marriage counselor. Danny finds Polly. Polly's brother Eddie disapproves of Danny.Burt gets mixed news from the doctor.
Aired: 1/3/1980

Season 3, Ep 13: Episode 60
Burt can't bring himself to tell Mary he won't live to see their baby born. Danny and Polly declare their love for one another. Billy loses his virginity to Leslie. Danny is torn by his feelings for Polly and his fears about the racial issue. Mary wonders whether Real Burt or Alien Burt fathered her baby.
Aired: 1/10/1980

Season 3, Ep 14: Episode 61
Danny learns of Burt's illness and agrees to help Burt win a spot in the Guiness Book of World Records. Eunice asks Corinne to cover for her while she cheats on Dutch. Chester's attempts to resist the minister's sexy daughter prove futile. The Campbells host Polly's family at dinner. Jessica throws Chester out after he confesses to cheating on her again.
Aired: 1/17/1980

Season 3, Ep 15: Episode 62
Mary confronts Burt about his odd behavior. Dutch turns to Corinne for advice about Eunice. Jessica seeks out Donohue, only to learn that he's married. Jessica tells Mary and Polly's mother about her chaotic love life. Dutch blows up at Eunice.
Aired: 1/24/1980

Season 3, Ep 16: Episode 63
Carol pays a late-night visit to Jodie and Wendy. Jessica sees a psychiatrist who is crazier than she is. Burt learns he was the victim of computer error. Billy admits he is growing bored in his relationship with Leslie. The Tates rally to support Dutch after Eunice leaves him for another man. Corinne comforts Dutch after Eunice runs away.
Aired: 1/31/1980

Season 3, Ep 17: Episode 64
Burt rushes home with news that he isn't dying and vows to live the rest of his life to the fullest. The minister's daughter leaves Chester. Danny and Polly buy a house. Jessica catches Dutch and Corinne in bed together. Jessica's psychiatrist asks her out. Carol tells Jodie she wants custody of Wendy.
Aired: 2/7/1980

Season 3, Ep 18: Episode 65
Burt announces he will run for Sheriff, and Danny wants to be Deputy. Jodie enlists Mr. Mallu's help in his fight for Wendy. Chester begs Jessica to take him back. Jessica entertains her psychologist, Dr. Posner, amidst the usual Tate insanity.
Aired: 2/28/1980

Season 3, Ep 19: Episode 66
Danny and Polly have Burt and Mary to their new house for an eventful evening. Billy dumps Leslie, who threatens suicide. The Campbells brace for the custody trial. The Tates welcome a new butler, Saunders, who immediately regrets taking the job. As the families gather to watch election coverage, Jessica collapses.
Aired: 3/6/1980

Season 3, Ep 20: Episode 67
At the hospital, the family anxiously awaits Jessica's diagnosis. Burt becomes Sheriff but must remove the outgoing sheriff by force. Corinne convinces Dutch to stay. Jodie finds the odds stacked against him in the custody trial.
Aired: 3/13/1980

Season 3, Ep 21: Episode 68
Jessica asks Chester to move back home while she's in the hospital. Dr. Hill tells Chester that Jessica is very sick. Burt's first assignment as sheriff is to remove his predecessor from office. Corinne convinces Dutch not to move out. At the custody hearing, Carol tells an outrageous lie about Jodie threatening to kill her.
Aired: 3/20/1980

Season 3, Ep 22: Episode 69
Jessica is on her deathbed and she sends a home a tape recording the Tates. Mallu, Dr. Posner, Dr. Hill, and Chester fight for her affection. Dutch has to choose between Corrine and Eunice. Leslie has Billy at gun point. Mary goes into labor and still has not told Burt that his baby could be an alien. Jodie gives a heart warming speech to the judge about raising his daughter and Jessica goes into a coma after visiting with Benson.
Aired: 3/27/1980

Season 4, Ep 1: Episode 70
Dr. Hill revives Jessica, who remains in a coma. Danny and Burt wake up in an adult motel. Mary is relieved to see that her baby is white. Billy dodges Leslie's bullet, which hits Saunders instead. Dutch chooses Eunice over Corinne, who announces she will be moving on soon. Jessica emerges from her coma apparently healthy and surrounded by her many suitors. After the judge learns of Carol's machinations, she awards custody of Wendy to Jodie. Carol threatens Jodie. Burt and Danny receive X-rated pictures of themselves in the motel room.
Aired: 11/12/1980

Season 4, Ep 2: Episode 71
Jessica tells her suitors that she is moving on with her life--without them. Burt and Danny consider responses to Tibbs' blackmail threats. Polly turns down Danny's marriage proposal, leaving him despondent. Corinne departs for a new life in California. Mary comes home from the hospital and Wendy is kidnapped.
Aired: 11/19/1980

Season 4, Ep 3: Episode 72
After Burt tells Jodie there's nothing the law can do to help find Wendy, Jodie takes matters into his own hands. Jessica returns home from the hospital. Eunice and Dutch announce their engagement, much to Chester's horror. Leslie continues her bumbling efforts to kill Billy. Mary receives the blackmail photos of Burt in the motel room. Jessica agrees to allow Chester to live in the poolhouse.
Aired: 11/26/1980

Season 4, Ep 4: Episode 73
Chester puts the moves on the maid of honor at Dutch and Eunice's wedding. The blackmail photos of Burt and Danny hit the papers. Despite the breaking scandal, Mary vows to stand by Burt. On her way to the Caribbean for some R&R, Jessica crosses paths with a Latin American revolutionary.
Aired: 12/3/1980

Season 4, Ep 5: Episode 74
The Tates and Campbells learn of Jessica's abduction. Billy heads to Malaguay to rescue his mother. Jodie hires a P.I. to find Wendy. Danny and Burt plan to go undercover to bring down Tibbs. Jessica finds herself in the middle of a revolution. Mary escapes reality by eating and sleeping all the time.
Aired: 12/10/1980

Season 4, Ep 6: Episode 75
Danny finds a hooker who will help bring Tibbs to justice. The cash-poor Tates hold a barbecue. Leslie gets more creative in her efforts to kill Billy. Jessica accepts El Puerco's invitation to spend the night in his tent.
Aired: 12/17/1980

Season 4, Ep 7: Episode 76
Jessica consoles a depressed El Puerco and convinces him to fight the revolution from her house in Connecticut. Gwen testifies against Tibbs. Someone is spying on Gwen and Danny. The Tates hold a garage sale to raise cash. Burt and Mary make an appointment for sex. Jodie and Maggie's search for Carol and Wendy leads them to a rowdy saloon.
Aired: 12/31/1980

Season 4, Ep 8: Episode 77
Burt sells his construction company to Chester and Dutch. Jodie and Maggie learn that Carol has run off to New Mexico with a carnival fire-eater. Billy rescues Jessica and El Puerco at sea. Danny admits he is attracted to Gwen and asks her to stop turning tricks.
Aired: 1/7/1981

Season 4, Ep 9: Episode 78
Jessica returns home with El Puerco and his three Juans. Danny asks Gwen to move in with him. Jodie and Maggie, on their way to Alaska to find Wendy, admit their mutual attraction. Burt suffers a crisis of faith.
Aired: 1/14/1981

Season 4, Ep 10: Episode 79
Danny tells Mary about his love for Gwen. Jessica has a party for El Puerco. That night, Danny reveals his love for Gwen, Jodie tells the family about his affair with Maggie, and Chester announces his and Annie's engagement and at the party, Danny is shot.
Aired: 1/21/1981

Season 4, Ep 11: Episode 80
Annie realizes Chester is still in love with Jessica but agrees to marry him anyway. Jessica tries in vain to seduce El Puerco. Burt vows to find Tibbs and make him pay for shooting Danny. The Campbells learn that Danny will need a kidney transplant, which forces Mary to reveal a devastating secret.
Aired: 1/28/1981

Season 4, Ep 12: Episode 81
News that Chester is Danny's father rocks the family. Chester reluctantly agrees to donate a kidney to Danny. Jessica is devastated that Mary had a child by Chester. Meanwhile, Jodie and Maggie track Carol and Wendy to a kung-fu fortress in Malibu. Dutch and Eunice try to rekindle their sex life. El Puerco continues to frustrate Jessica with his "madonna" complex. After Burt single-handedly brings down the local mob, he becomes an instant celebrity.
Aired: 3/9/1981

Season 4, Ep 13: Episode 82
Mary recalls her brief relationship with Chester and the blackmail that forced Chester to marry Jessica. Jessica forgives Chester for marrying her without loving her but cannot bring herself to forgive Mary. Burt tells Mary that her past with Chester is much less important than Danny's well-being. Meanwhile, Mary swears that little Scotty can fly. "Bat's" sudden fame goes to his head. Jodie and Maggie make love in the face of death while Burt mobilizes Saunders, El Puerco, the Major, and Chuck and Bob for a rescue mission. Danny tells Burt he plans to marry Gwen, but Burt fears having a hooker in the family will jeopardize his political future. As her world crumbles around her, Mary begins drinking heavily.
Aired: 3/16/1981

Season 4, Ep 14: Episode 83
The rescue team frees Jodie, Maggie, and Wendy from the fortress. Jessica forgives Mary, who tells Jessica she is an alcoholic. Danny learns Gwen has left him. Mary embarrasses Burt in front of the governor. Jessica is left dissatisfied after finally sleeping with El. Chester and Annie announce that they're married, but Chester's jealous nature puts an end to their wedded bliss. Sad and lonely, Danny and Annie bond. Jodie and Maggie talk seriously about marriage, which prompts Jodie to seek therapy.
Aired: 3/23/1981

Season 4, Ep 15: Episode 84
Chuck and Bob vouch for Mary when she swears the baby can fly. Jodie comes home from therapy an old Jewish man. Danny and Annie have sex--repeatedly. Jessica worries that Burt and Mary's marriage is doomed. Eunice and Dutch resort to role-playing to improve their sex life. Chester declares his love for Jessica and agrees to duel El Puerco for her affection. The governor lays out his grand plan for "Bat," whose sudden fame draws the attention of some bad guys. While El Puerco is off planning another revolution, his enemies kidnap Jessica.
Aired: 4/13/1981

Season 4, Ep 16: Episode 85
Mary is drinking heavily. Jodie is stuck in a past life as an old Jewish man. A suicidal Chester finds Danny and Annie in bed and decides to kill them first. Sheriff Burt is ambushed. Jessica faces a firing squad.
Aired: 4/20/1981

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