Cracker (Complete Collection Box Set)


Original Titel: Cracker (Complete Collection Box Set)
Übersetzter Titel: Cracker (Complete Collection Box Set)
Darsteller: Robbie Coltrane ... Dr. Eddie 'Fitz' Fitzgerald (10 episodes, 1993-1996)
Geraldine Somerville ... DS Jane 'Panhandle' Penhaligon (9 episodes, 1993-1995)
Barbara Flynn ... Judith Fitzgerald (9 episodes, 1993-1995)
Kieran O'Brien ... Mark Fitzgerald (9 episodes, 1993-1995)
Tess Thomson ... Katie Fitzgerald (8 episodes, 1993-1995)
Lorcan Cranitch ... DS Jimmy Beck (7 episodes, 1993-1995)
Ricky Tomlinson ... DCI Charlie Wise / ... (7 episodes, 1994-1996)
Edward Peel ... Chief Super / ... (6 episodes, 1993-1995)
Wil Johnson ... D.C. Skelton (5 episodes, 1994-1995)
Christopher Eccleston ... DCI David Bilborough (4 episodes, 1993-1994)
Robert Cavanah ... Temple / ... (3 episodes, 1995)
Colin Tierney ... DC Bobby Harriman / ... (3 episodes, 1994)
Clive Russell ... Danny Fitzgerald (3 episodes, 1995)
Paul Copley ... Pathologist (3 episodes, 1993-1995)
Isobel Middleton ... Catriona Bilborough (3 episodes, 1994-1995)
Ian Mercer ... DC George Giggs / ... (2 episodes, 1993)
Will Knightley ... Pathologist (2 episodes, 1995)
James Quinn ... Bouncer / ... (2 episodes, 1993)
Stan Finni ... Sergeant Smith (2 episodes, 1993)
Nicholas Blane ... Father O'Ryan / ... (2 episodes, 1993-1994)
Amelia Bullmore ... Catriona Bilborough (1 episode, 1993) 

Inhaltsangabe: Season 1
Season 1, Episode 1: The Mad Woman in the Attic
Original Air Date: 27 September 1993
The police have a serial killer on their hands. Two women have been killed in virtually identical circumstances, with their throats slit by what they believe is a straight razor. When they find a man unconscious on the side of railway tracks covered in blood, some of which belonged to the second victim, they're sure they have their man, but he claims complete memory loss. Psychologist Dr. Eddie "Fitz" Fitagerald knew the second second victim Jacqui Appleby and her parents ask him to intervene with the police. Fitz isn't convinced that the man with memory loss is guilty and with the assistance of DS Jane Penhaligon sets out to find the true murderer. On the home front, Fitz is facing new challenges when his wife leaves him upon learning that his gambling has pushed them over the limit on both their credit cards and he also re-mortgaged the house.

Season 1, Episode 2: To Say I Love You
Original Air Date: 11 October 1993
Tina and Sean are two of societies rejects. Tina hates her parents and has moved out, living in a squat. Sean stutters badly except when he sings or is angry, which is the case most of the time. They meet in a pub one night and become, in Tina's words, just like Bonnie and Clyde. They first murder a local loan shark but then set their sights on one of the detectives looking for them. Fitz brings his insight to the case but continues his testy relationship with the the police. His home life is still in a shambles. He very much wants his wife to move back in with him, but she will only agree if he joins Gamblers Anonymous. There is also a growing sexual tension between Fitz and Detective Penhaligon, which is obvious to both of them.

Season 1, Episode 3: One Day a Lemming Will Fly
Original Air Date: 1 November 1993
The police investigate the murder of a 13-year old boy who is found hanging in a tree in a nearby wood. The pathologist quickly determines that the boy was actually strangled and the hanging then staged. The boy was gay and was the subject of much teasing and bullying at school. Based on Fitz's advice, the police focus on one of the boy's teachers, Nigel Cassidy, whom they feel is a latent homosexual. Fitz may have met his match however and too late realizes he may have made a mistake. Fitz's wife Judith has returned home but he is having difficulty forgiving her infidelity. His relationship with DS Jane Penhaligon moves to a new plane when they decide to go on a two week holiday together.

Season 2
Season 2, Episode 1: To Be a Somebody
Original Air Date: 10 October 1994
Albie Kinsella is angry at the world. He has just buried his father who died from a prolonged bout with cancer. Albie was a good son who took care of his father all of that time. His wife left him several years before, but he was always a good father to his daughter and always made sure his wife had enough money for their upkeep. Albie however is fed up being just another face in the crowd. He hates the fact that people assume he is just another working class good for nothing, when in fact he is an intelligent, hard working member of society. A dispute with a local shopkeeper sets him off and leads to a series of murders. Fitz's relations with the police are a low ebb with DCI David Billborough refusing to use him on the case and DS Jane Pehaligon refusing to speak to him after he stood her up on their planned holiday. Fitz understands what is going on and uses his insights to correctly profile the killer. DS Jimmy Beck's incompetence in questioning a potential suspect however has severe repercussions when a member of the team is killed.

Season 2, Episode 2: The Big Crunch
Original Air Date: 31 October 1994
Kenneth Trant is from all appearances a well-respected member of the community. He is the Headmaster of a local school and is leader of his own church, The Fellowship of Souls. That is until his sister-in-law sees him making love to a 17-year old member of the congregation. She tells his wife what is going on and has photographs to prove it but the situation takes an altogether different complexion when the girl, Joanne Barnes, reveals that she is pregnant. At this point, Kenneth, his brother Michael and their wives, devise a complex plot to eliminate the girl and throw the blame on Dean Saunders, a developmentally challenged employee who works at the family's recycling plant. The police think they have their man in Saunders but Fitz doesn't buy it and sets about identifying the true killers. On the personal side, Fitz's wife Judith has put their house up for sale and his relationship with DS Penhaligon goes a step further.

Season 2, Episode 3: Men Should Weep
Original Air Date: 21 November 1994
Fitz is assisting the police in identifying a serial rapist. Floyd Malcom was scarred as a child, both physically and mentally. He now preys on women, often the wives of people he knows. His pattern is always the same: he wears a mask and after raping his victims he chats with them, as if he wants to be their friend. He's also taken to calling in to Fitz's radio talk show for advice. The squad have differing views on how to deal with the rapist and Jimmy Beck in particular is less than sympathetic with the victims. When DS Jane Penhaligon is raped, the police assume it's the same rapist, but Fitz is convinced it's a different man. At home, Fitz finds that his wife Judith has returned and has a bit of a surprise for him. Things become very personal for Fitz when the rapist targets his wife. Penhaligon identifies her attacker and takes matters into her own hands.

Season 3
Season 3, Episode 1: Brotherly Love
Original Air Date: 22 October 1995
After having sex with a prostitute, David Harvey kills her when he finds he is unable to pay and she threatens to tell his wife. The case becomes complicated however when a second prostitute is killed and the forensic evidence indicates that it was the same killer. Only problem is that Harvey was in custody at the time of the second killing. Fitz is convinced that Harvey killed the first woman and that an accomplice did the second to cast doubt on his guilt. DS Jimmy Beck returns to work after four months sick leave, still haunted by his role in DI Bilborough's death and continuing to deny that he raped Jane Penhaligon. Fitz's mother dies and he has to deal with the guilt of being a less than attentive son.

Season 3, Episode 2: Best Boys
Original Air Date: 6 November 1995
Bill Preece is a runaway from a childcare facility who finds work in a local factory. He has no place to stay so the foreman, Stuart Grady, offers him his sofa for a night. A dispute with the landlady leads to her being killed and Bill soon drags his new friend into a spiral of crime. He especially wants to exact revenge against those he feels treated him badly as a foster child. Fitz soon realizes that two people are committing the murders, though he believes the perpetrators to be a man and a woman. With the new baby at home, Judith decides that it's time to put herself first. The police are still recovering from the death of one of their own and Jane Penhaligon in particular is still having difficulty coping.

Season 3, Episode 3: True Romance
Original Air Date: 20 November 1995
Janice is a lab technician working in the Psychology Department at a local university. She also hates men, or a least those whom she feels don't pay proper attention to her. Unfortunately for Fitz, she has taken quite a shine to him and is now writing him anonymous love letters and killing men to get his attention. Things become far too real however when her next victim is Fitz's son, Mark. Fitz's home life is still a shambles. Judith feels neglected and starts a relationship with his brother Danny.

Season 4 (Special)
Season 4, Episode 1: White Ghost
Original Air Date: 28 October 1996
Dennis Philby owns his own company in Hong Kong and business has not been going well. Through his own incompetence he is going bankrupt and one of his customers offers to buy him out. At home, Dennis is thrilled that his girlfriend is pregnant but when she hears of Dennis financial troubles, tells him that she will get an abortion and wait until their lives are more stable to start a family. This pushes Dennis over the edge: he kills the potential buyer for his company and his fiancÚ's doctor. He also imprisons her, intending to keep her captive until the baby is born. Fitz is in Hong Kong on a lecture tour and works with the local police to find the killer. He arranges for them to request the services of DS Penhaligon, only to have DCI Wise show up to help him.

Season 4, Episode 2: Nine Eleven
Original Air Date: 01 October 2006
Fitz and wife return from Australia to a vastly changed Manchester for their daughter's wedding. Fitz is starting to feel old and is relieved to find that the Police, once again, need him. An American comedian is murdered in a nightclub for no obvious reason and Fitz is asked to help out. There's a missing witness to be found and a uniformed killer to track down. 
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