Fawlty Towers (The Complete Series 1)


Original Titel: Fawlty Towers (The Complete Series 1)
Übersetzter Titel: Fawlty Towers (The Complete Series 1)
Regie: John Howard Davies 
Produzent(en): John Howard Davies 
IMDb-Link: http://us.imdb.com/Title?0072500
Land: UK
Genre: Komödie
Jahr: 1975
Darsteller: John Cleese .... Basil Fawlty
Prunella Scales .... Sybil Fawlty
Connie Booth (I) .... Polly Sherman
Andrew Sachs (II) .... Manuel
Ballard Berkeley .... Major Gowen
Gilly Flower .... Miss Tibbs
Renee Roberts .... Miss Gatsby
Brian Hall (I) .... Terry (1979)  

Inhaltsangabe: A Touch of Class
19 September 1975, BBC2
In which Basil attempts to raise the tone of the place.
Lord Melbury arrives and Basil is only too pleased to cash his lordship's cheque...
Lord Melbury.....Michael Gwynn
Danny Brown.....Robin Ellis
Sir Richard Morris.....Martin Wyldeck
Mr Watsom.....Lionel Wheeler
Mr Wareing.....Terence Conoley
Mr Mackenzie.....David Simeon

The Builders
26 September 1975, BBC2
The lobby is in need of a face-lift so, when Sybil's back is turned, Basil goes for the lowest quote job.
Basil tries to get O'Reilly to do some building alterations, and regrets it.
O'Reilly.....David Kelly
Lurphy.....Michael Cronin
Jones.....Michael Halsey
Kerr.....Barney Dorman
Stubbs.....James Appleby
Delivery Man.....George Lee
Sign says: FAWLTY TOWER, with L hanging down

The Wedding Party
3 October 1975, BBC2
Basil is outraged by an outbreak of promiscuity at Fawlty Towers.
Basil's overactive imagination runs riot with a pair newlyweds, and a flurting French woman.
Alan.....Trevor Adams
Jean.....April Walker
Mrs Peignoir.....Yvonne Gilan
Mr Lloyd.....Conrad Phillips
Rachel Lloyd.....Diana King
Customer.....Jay Neil
Sign says: FARTY TOWER, with W hanging down

The Hotel Inspectors
10 October 1975, BBC2
Basil hears that hotel inspectors are in the area, just after he has been exceptionally rude to a guest.
The hotel inspectors are in town, and all the customers are under suspision.
Mr Hutchinson.....Bernard Cribbins
Mr Walt.....James Cossins
John.....Geoffrey Morris
Brian.....Peter Brett
Sign says: FAW TY TO WER

Gourmet Night
17 October 1975, BBC2
The cream of Torquay society is present for a special gourmet night at Fawlty Towers.
Basil tries to have a gourmet food night, but nothing goes as planned.
Andre.....Andre Maranne
Kurt.....Steve Plytas
Colonel Hall.....Allan Cuthbertson
Mrs Hall.....Ann Way
Mr Twitchen.....Richard Caldicot
Mrs Twitchen.....Betty Huntley-Wright
Mr Heath.....Jeffrey Segal
Mrs Heath.....Elizabeth Benson
Master Heath.....Tony Page

The Germans
24 October 1975, BBC2
While Sybil is in hospital Basil tells some German tourists the 'truth' about their fatherland...
Some German guests are at the hotel, but this is a bit too much for Basil, suffering from the effects of an exploding fire extinguisher.
Sister.....Brenda Collins
Doctor..... Louis Mahoney
Mr Sharp..... John Lawrence
Mrs Sharp..... Iris Fry
Large Woman..... Claire Davenport
German Guests.....(Nick Lane / Lisa Bergmayr / Willy Bowman / Dan Gillan)
Sign : The only episode that didn't show the exterior of Fawlty Towers in the opening credits; instead it showed the outside of the hospital that Sybil was in for her operation.
The hospital used was Northwick Park Hospital in Watford Road, Harrow, Middlesex. Nowhere near Torquay - most of the exterior locations were in the North London area. 
Sprache(n): Englisch
Länge: 180 Minuten
Video Format: DVD -- 2 DVD(s)
Zusätzliche Informationen: Studio: BBC Worldwide Publishing
DVD Release Date: 8 October, 2001
Run Time: 180 minutes

Edition Details:
Region 2 encoding (Europe, Middle East & Japan only)
Box set, PAL
Number of discs: 2

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