Monty Python's Flying Circus / Disc 08 of 14 / Series 2 / Episodes 23 - 26


Original Titel: Monty Python's Flying Circus / Disc 08 of 14 / Series 2 / Episodes 23 - 26
Übersetzter Titel: Monty Python's Flying Circus / Disc 08 of 14 / Series 2 / Episodes 23 - 26
Regie: John Howard Davies / Ian MacNaughton  
Produzent(en): John Howard Davies / Ian MacNaughton  
Land: UK
Genre: Komödie
Jahr: 1969
Darsteller: Graham Chapman .... Various Roles (1969-1974)
John Cleese .... Announcer/Eric Praline/Various Roles (1969-1973)
Terry Gilliam .... Various Roles (1969-1974)
Eric Idle .... Various Roles (1969-1974)
Terry Jones .... Nude Organist/Various Roles (1969-1974)
Michael Palin .... 'It's' Man/Various Roles (1969-1974)
Carol Cleveland .... Various Roles (1969-1974)

Inhaltsangabe: Series Two (14-26), aired 15. Sep 1970 - 22. Dec 1970

TWENTY-THREE (Recorded 02-07-70 , Aired 01-12-70 , Prod. #60439)
Scott Of The Antarctic:

French subtitled film;
Scott of the Antarctic;
Scott of the Sahara;
Fish licence;
Derby Council v. All Blacks rugby match; (?) (soccer <=> rugby);
Long John Silver Impersonators v. Bournemouth Gynaecologists.

TWENTY-FOUR (Recorded 23-07-70 , Aired 08-12-70 , Prod. #60528)
How Not To Be Seen:

Conquistador coffee campaign;
Repeating groove;
Ramsey MacDonald striptease;
Job hunter;
International Chinese Communist Conspiracy;
Crelm Toothpaste / Shrill petrol;
Agatha Christie sketch (railway timetables);
Mr Neville Shunte - railroad playwright;
Gavin Millarrrrr writes;
Film director/dentist Martin Curry (teeth);
City gents vox pops;
'Crackpot Religions Ltd';
'How not to be seen';
Crossing the Atlantic on a tricycle;
Interview in filing cabinet;
'Yummy yummy';
Monty Python's Flying Circus again in thirty seconds.

TWENTY-FIVE (Recorded 25-06-70 , Aired 15-12-70 , Prod. #60129)

'The Black Eagle';
Dirty Hungarian phrasebook;
Court (phrasebook);
World Forum - Communist quiz;
'Ypres 1914' - abandoned;
Art gallery strikes;
'Ypres 1914';
Hospital for over-actors;
Gumby flower arranging;

TWENTY-SIX (Recorded 16-10-70 , Aired 22-12-70 , Prod. #67550)
Royal Episode 13:

The Queen will be watching;
Coal mine in Llandarogh Carmarthen (historical argument);
The man who says things in a very roundabout way;
The man who speaks only the ends of words;
The man who speaks only the beginnings of words;
The man who speaks only the middles of words;
How to feed a goldfish;
The man who collects birdwatcher's eggs;
Insurance sketch;
Hospital run by RSM;
Exploding version of 'The Blue Danube';
Girls boarding school;
Lifeboat (cannibalism);
Undertaker's sketch.
Sprache(n): English
Länge: Minuten
Video Format: DVD - Regional Code 1 - NTSC -- 1 DVD(s)
Zusätzliche Informationen: $$ MUSIK &&
Neil Innes (1974)
Eric Idle (uncredited)

Non-Original Music by
John Philip Sousa (theme) (from "Liberty Bell March")
Eric Coates (sketch "Commuter Sketch (Boring Life)") (from "Knightsbridge March") (uncredited)
Ralph Vaughan Williams (from "Symphony No.7") (uncredited)

$$ Literatur-Vorlage / Drehbuch / Script &&
Douglas Adams additional material (episode 45 "Party Political Broadcast on Behalf of the Liberal Party")
Graham Chapman writer
John Cleese writer
Terry Gilliam writer
Eric Idle writer
Neil Innes additional material
Terry Jones writer
Michael Palin writer

"The Liberty Bell"
Written by John Philip Sousa