Monty Python's Flying Circus / Disc 07 of 14 / Series 2 / Episodes 20 - 22


Original Titel: Monty Python's Flying Circus / Disc 07 of 14 / Series 2 / Episodes 20 - 22
Übersetzter Titel: Monty Python's Flying Circus / Disc 07 of 14 / Series 2 / Episodes 20 - 22
Regie: John Howard Davies / Ian MacNaughton  
Produzent(en): John Howard Davies / Ian MacNaughton  
Land: UK
Genre: Komödie
Jahr: 1969
Darsteller: Graham Chapman .... Various Roles (1969-1974)
John Cleese .... Announcer/Eric Praline/Various Roles (1969-1973)
Terry Gilliam .... Various Roles (1969-1974)
Eric Idle .... Various Roles (1969-1974)
Terry Jones .... Nude Organist/Various Roles (1969-1974)
Michael Palin .... 'It's' Man/Various Roles (1969-1974)
Carol Cleveland .... Various Roles (1969-1974)

Inhaltsangabe: Series Two (14-26), aired 15. Sep 1970 - 22. Dec 1970

TWENTY (Recorded 02-10-70 , Aired 10-11-70 , Prod. #62572)
The Attila The Hun Show:

'The Attila the Hun Show';
Attila the Nun;
Secretary of State striptease;
Vox pops on political groupies;
Killer sheep;
The news for parrots;
The news for gibbons;
Today in Parliament;
The news for wombats;
Attila the Bun;
The Idiot in the rural society;
Test match against Iceland;
The Epsom furniture race;
'Spot the Brain Cell'

TWENTY-ONE (Recorded 09-10-70 , Aired 17-11-70 , Prod. #62576)
Archeology Today:

'Archeology Today';
Silly vicar;
Leapy Lee;
Registrar (wife swap);
Silly doctor sketch (immediately abandoned);
Mr and Mrs Git;
Ray and Hank Spim - Mosquito hunters;
Poofy judges;
Mrs Thing and Mrs Entity;
Beethoven's mynah bird;
Colin "Chopper" Mozart (ratcatcher);

TWENTY-TWO (Recorded 25-09-70 , Aired 24-11-70 , Prod. #62027)
How To Recoginize Different Parts Of The Body:

'How to recognize different parts of the body';
The Philosophers Song
Naughty bits;
The man who contradicts people;
Cosmetic surgery;
Camp square-bashing;
Cut-price airline;
Batley Townswomen's Guild presents the first heart transplant;
The first underwater production of 'Measure for Measure';
The death of Mary Queen of Scots;
Exploding penguin on the TV set;
There's been a murder;
Police entry for Eurovision Song Contest;
'Bing Tiddle Tiddle Bong' (song).
Sprache(n): English
Länge: Minuten
Video Format: DVD - Regional Code 1 - NTSC -- 1 DVD(s)
Zusätzliche Informationen: $$ MUSIK &&
Neil Innes (1974)
Eric Idle (uncredited)

Non-Original Music by
John Philip Sousa (theme) (from "Liberty Bell March")
Eric Coates (sketch "Commuter Sketch (Boring Life)") (from "Knightsbridge March") (uncredited)
Ralph Vaughan Williams (from "Symphony No.7") (uncredited)

$$ Literatur-Vorlage / Drehbuch / Script &&
Douglas Adams additional material (episode 45 "Party Political Broadcast on Behalf of the Liberal Party")
Graham Chapman writer
John Cleese writer
Terry Gilliam writer
Eric Idle writer
Neil Innes additional material
Terry Jones writer
Michael Palin writer

"The Liberty Bell"
Written by John Philip Sousa